Salta family adopted a two-month-old baby

The Sixth Nomination Family Court granted the adoption of a baby of only two months of age who lived in a child protection device, to a family from Salta whose file was in the Register of Adopters.

The Official Tutor, Macarena Saravia Zenteno, explained that in this case, the parent expressed her wish that the child be given up for adoption, for which he was immediately housed in a device.

Saravia Zenteno added that “the Civil Code determines to grant a legal period of 45 days for the parent ratify the decision and after the term expired, a hearing was convened where he made firm his will not to godfather the child”.

The Official Tutor indicated that “immediately the Judge declared the baby’s adoptability status, requested the files from the Guardianship Secretariat and interviewed the applicants”, while the Tutor’s Office processed the child’s DNI.

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