Sales for Father’s Day had a slight rise

Sales for Father’s Day in Argentina rose 1.4% at constant prices, compared to last year, with Clothing and Cell Phones among the most sought after, and the average ticket was around 6,800 pesoss, according to the Argentine Confederation of Medium-Sized Enterprises (CAME).

Smaller products were sold than last year and in many families the gift was the trip for the long weekend.

According to the report, the promotions launched by the stores helped sustain sales for Father’s Day, which ended the date with an increase of 1.4% compared to last year, measured at constant prices. Although the growth rate was modest, 66% of the surveyed businesses considered that their sales were equal to or better than expected.

In that framework, 61.3% of the businesses oriented to this date made some discount, gift or offered payment facilitiesseeking to prevent price increases from discouraging demand.

In the annual comparison, what rose the most was Clothing (+7%), followed by Peripheral equipment, accessories and cell phones (+6%), Cosmetics and Perfume (+4%) and Household appliances, household items and audio and video equipment. video (+1%). On the other hand, sales in Bookstores fell 7% and 6% in Footwear and leather goods.

Sales began to move on Thursday, slowed down on Friday with the holiday and picked up steam from Saturday morning, with lots of shopping around closing time.

The average sales receipt this year was $6,880, with the lowest amount in Bookstores ($2,926) and the highest in Appliances, household items and audio and video equipment ($12,834).

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