Sáenz on Flag Day: "It is the symbol of our sovereignty, forged with hope and effort"

During the morning of this Monday the governor Gustavo Sáenz presided over the acts on the 202nd anniversary of the death of General Manuel Belgranoas well as the swearing of allegiance to the national flag by students from different schools.

In the historic Campo de la Cruz, they promised fidelity to the Flag more than 300 4th grade children from different educational establishments. They also swore allegiance to the banner, committing to defend it even at the cost of their lives, 428 volunteer soldiers from the Salta Army Garrison and Malvinas veterans who keep the flame of the Homeland burning.

Governor Sáenz addressed the students to take the solemn promise, reminding them that it means not only loyalty to the Flag, but also to the values ​​and traditions that it represents, solidarity, love of neighbor and union.

“The Argentine Flag It is the symbol of our sovereignty that makes the men and women of the Argentine people free. It is the expression of our history, forged with the hope and effort, the dreams and the achievements of millions of men and women, those who were born in our land and those who came to populate it under the protection of our Constitution”, he expressed, recalling the national ensign represents our territory, our past, symbolizes our present and future, that of our children and that of successive generations

After these words, the Governor pronounced the formula: “Students, Do you promise to defend, respect and love her with fraternal tolerance and respect, studying with firm will, committing to be free and fair citizens, accepting in solidarity in their differences those who populate our land and transmitting in each and every one of their actions permanent and inalienable values?”, which was followed by a resounding affirmation of the promising.

In addition, during the act, Governor Sáenz and the departmental mayor of Rocha of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, Alejo Umpiérrez, signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The purpose was to establish friendly and cooperative relations to consolidate and develop the union between Rocha and the province of Salta, strengthening mutual understanding and integration of the peoples of Argentina and Uruguay.

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