Sadie Sink gave details about Max in the series finale


Sadie Sink spoke about Max at the entrance to Stranger Things Homestretch and left some details unknown to fans. Do you know what will happen in the future?

Stranger Things: Sadie Sink opened up about Max in the series finale.©NetflixStranger Things: Sadie Sink opened up about Max in the series finale.

season 4 volume 1 stranger things created on the streaming service netflix at the end of May and to this day it continues to be the most watched series in the world, in clear response that the phenomenon has returned in the best way after three years. The story has changed for some characters, as in the case of MaxYes Sadie sink he talked about her thinking about what was to come. Check out their statements!

The plot of the first seven chapters took place a few months after the Battle of Starcourt, where Billy’s brother died. Max. From this unfortunate event, she begins to have nightmares and fails to get through the trauma in the best way in high school. When the number appears neighbor in Hawkins, he realizes that she may be one of his victims and at one point is taken upside down to be killed, but manages to escape, albeit momentarily.

+ Sadie Sink’s statements about Max

In an interview with Variety said: “She just asks all these questions and blames herself. She convinces herself that she is somehow to blame for all the horrible things happening in her life. ». On his bond with Eleven, he noted that they could have helped each other: “Max could have benefited from having someone like Eleven, who she probably would have felt comfortable opening up to. Eleven probably would have benefited from having Max as she navigates this new environment and harasses her world. ».

In his statements, he said that we would not see, for the moment, a link with his mother: “For Max in particular, I think it’s heartbreaking to see the state his mum is in and how absent she is during all of this – Max is doing a really good job of hiding it. ». He also spoke about season 5, which will mark the end of the series: “I want to have a scene where the letters are read. I think it’s so typical of Max, that she literally looks death straight in the eye, but she still can’t tell someone face to face how much they mean to her or have a direct conversation with somebody “.

Finally, she was asked if she currently knows what the culmination of the program created by the Duffer brothers will look like and clarified: “I don’t know, I like not knowing where her story is going and being surprised when I read it, because Max herself doesn’t know what’s going to happen to her. I will be delighted to read these scripts! ». With that, we know that production on the final episode has yet to begin, while the fandom awaits the volume 2 of stranger things 4consisting of two episodes which will arrive on July 1st.

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