Ruedas del Desierto rejects increase in speed in Torreón peripheral

The collective disagrees with the speed limit. (THE CENTURY OF TORREON)

The group Ruedas del Desierto spoke out against the reform to the Urban Mobility Regulation of Torreón that was recently approved by the Cabildo and in which the vehicle circulation limits on the peripheral were modified from 60 to 80 kilometers per hour. This measure will also apply to the Torreón-San Pedro highway.

The founder of the civil association, Francisco Valdés Perezgasga, considered that this is a “fatal” modification since it is recognized worldwide “that speed kills, increases the speed of cars, there will be more accidents, more deaths, more injuries. The reason they give you this colloquially is that no one goes 60 (km/h), what they are saying is ‘since I can’t enforce the law, I change the limit of the law’… it is an incredible irresponsibility of the Cabildo, the Cabildo is here to guarantee the integrity and life of citizens and with this they are doing the opposite.”

Valdés recalled that federal law states that in the central lanes of controlled access roads the maximum speed is up to 80 kilometers per hour, so “it is showing a ceiling, not a floor; that is, if a State or a city council had maximum speeds lower than 80, it is not illegal for them to continue using them, in fact it is desirable that they continue using them”.

The president of Ruedas del Desierto indicated that he had already approached the Director of Urban Mobility of Torreón, Luis Morales, and that he was willing to dialogue “but in this case, yes, he is willing to dialogue after the fait accompli, they have already changed the law”.

He insisted that the higher the speed, the lower the probability of surviving a mishap, so the policy should be “so that people are safer.” Finally, she said that the issue will be discussed with the Safe Mobility Coalition, a national network that brings together various organizations, people, specialists and professionals in mobility and road safety.

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