Rubí Ibarra reveals her supernatural powers and predicts the winner of The Academy

After his return to the house of La Academia, Rubí Ibarra surprised viewers by talking about his premonitions about the winners of the season.

Potosina is one of the most voted students on social networks and by viewers, so she aims to be one of the finalists this year.

As the stages progress, among the followers of the program there is the question of who will win The Academy? It seems that there is a prognosis or prediction of the viral quinceañera.

The person in charge of the TikTok booth of the show, Pablo Chagra, shared that Rubí Ibarra herself revealed her results of the winners.

And when talking more about the supposed gifts of the young woman, the member of the production of the broadcast shared the first three places on his social networks.

According to what was published by Pablo Chagra, Rubí Ibarra considers that this is how the finalists will be:

First place: Sea

Second place: Andrew

Third place: Cesia

Another aspect to highlight was Rubí’s participation in the final concert.

La potosina seems not to be there, she predicted that she would be the last expelled from the program and will only participate in the show on Sunday.

Chagra explained that the participant told him what it is like when she has the visions and it is something that she was apparently born with.

He stated that he was impressed with the academic’s story and told her about other situations of the participants.

He has had dreams where he is told what is going to happen, such as the departure of Isabela and Santiago.

Ibarra also told the young man about seeing a very creepy dream in which everyone lost parts of their body.

At that time he highlighted that only Mar and Cesia had been saved, so he believed they were the ones who were going to reach the final.

However, with the health problems that the academics faced, users pointed out that Rubí Ibarra was referring to that since they were the only ones who stayed at The Academy as they did not present any symptoms.

There are incredulous users with the story of the young woman, they believe that it is a trick of the production to be able to fix the results.

They consider the winners a fraud and think of it only as an advertising strategy to raise the audience in the final weeks.

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