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In this sense, Barreras, president of the Senate, explained what is for him the best method for a negotiation process with an armed group to be effective.

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Regarding the details of the negotiation between the FARC and the Government, Barreras explained what was the main methodology to advance in the dialogues while maintaining a national security policy.

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There was a fundamental method: to be able to negotiate in Havana as if there were no war and fight on the ground as if there were no dialogue“said the congressman.

And, regarding the ‘total peace’ promoted by President Gustavo PetroBarreras explained that “the generous hand” of a State must be accompanied by the legitimate force of the State to recover security.

For the parliamentarian, the Peace Agreement signed with the FARC did not have the purpose of simply “disarming some gentlemen”, but rather leaving a road map for Colombia.

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Felipe González, Juan Manuel Santos and Roy Barreras during the commemorative forum for the six years of the Peace Agreement at the University of Cartagena.


Roy Barreras Press.

“States, when they are negotiating, are always giving in to an insurgency. That is politically expensive.”

The mistake that Santos recognized in his mandate on this issue consisted of opting not to publicly report how the talks were progressing until partial agreements were reached.

“The opponents of the agreement with lies began to fill that void,” argued the former head of state.

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