Román Cepeda asks to speed up investigations against former Simas officials

“Fear does not walk on a donkey,” the mayor of Torreón, Román Alberto Cepeda, said this Saturday, regarding the possibility that former Simas officials are trying to protect themselves, he said that he has already asked the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor to speed up the investigations into the alleged irregularities of the past administration, he also pointed out that he has the greatest interest in demarcating responsibilities in the shortest possible time.

It was in the framework of the most recent municipal security meeting, which assured that “what was appropriate was already done”, in the same way he said that, despite the request to act legally against the alleged perpetrators and follow up on information, it is not their intention to interfere in the process, “it is not our task or objective to persecute people, but it is important that citizens know what happened.”

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Likewise, he commented that not only the Municipal Water System was in poor condition, but also other directions, “the complaints are already there, not only from Simas, but from other directions and other officials, it is already up to another authority to follow up … this is a public issue and should be made public.”

Since the beginning of his administration, Román Alberto Cepeda has denounced inconsistencies, irregularities and serious omissions in Simas Torreón, which the mayor himself has related to the lack of water that prevails in the city.

Similarly, Lauro Villarreal, general manager of the unit, had reported that there are two complaints by Simas against those who are guilty of embezzling some 30 million pesos during the year 2021, “we do not want to be a judge and On the other hand, we simply found property damage and we filed the complaints against whoever is responsible, the authorities will be in charge of carrying out the investigation,” said Villarreal in previous months.


Former officials are investigated for irregularities.

* Former general manager of Simas Torreón had assured that he was not protected by the lawsuit.

* The mayor asked to speed up the investigations

* Simas Torreón filed a lawsuit for fraud against workers from the previous administration.

* The embezzlement is around 30 million pesos.

* There are more lawsuits against other former officials.

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