Rodolfo Suarez plans to tender the Monte Comán-La Horqueta aqueduct reservoir in June

The work, which would provide water to 89 agricultural producers and would cover some 430,000 hectares between San Rafael and La Paz, will be carried out in 3 stages. After the reservoir is completed, it should be generated the trunk pipe that carries water – pressurized by gravity – to La Horqueta, which is the most important part of the aqueduct and also the most expensive. Although the amounts that Irrigation had contemplated in the original project have yet to be updated, it is believed that this main pipe could have a value of about 6 million dollars.

Finally, the third stage consists of take the connections to the entrance of each agricultural enterprise, and that is where the funds that these producers should contribute would come in. This last stage, costing approximately 3 million dollars, would be included in the 2023 infrastructure budget.

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“This type of work guarantees a better quality of the meat produced in the province, something that has already been proven with what is generated by the Bowen-Canalejas aqueduct. That is why our commitment is to contribute to the livestock industry, because other provinces have decided to bet on soy and that gives us the opportunity to stand out in this industry that has a lot to grow”, Isgro projected and recalled that 10% of the meat consumed is produced in Mendoza, for which the aspirations of the Government is to serve that local market in principle.

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Rodolfo Suarez and the aqueduct scheduled for 2019

After the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will remove the funds For the work of the Monte Comán-La Horqueta aqueduct, considering that there were irregularities in the previous tender, the Ministry of Economy, with Minister Enrique Vaquié at the head, began to look for alternatives to make it happen.

Among them, in August 2020 the possibility that the Nation would authorize him to redirect funds from the Program for the Development of New Irrigation Areas in Argentina.

“We sent a request to Christian Asinelli, secretary of International Financial Relations for Development, so that, within the framework of the Development Program for New Irrigation Areas in Argentina, the Province be allowed to have the balance of indebtedness authorization available for operations through PROSAP (US$ 75 million), which could be used to restart the project”, Vaquié said at that time.

But those efforts did not prosper and last March, Governor Rodolfo Suarez himself told the referents of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce and the Livestock Cluster that the aqueduct would be done with funds from the Ministry of Infrastructure.

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