Rodolfo Suarez announced that a federal tourism network was created together with Corrientes, Jujuy and CABA

The governor of Mendoza stressed that “Promoting tourism in each of our jurisdictions is an opportunity we have for growth”.

Suarez recalled the creation of the Wine District in Buenos Aires and pointed out that it was “a great opportunity for Mendoza, because Buenos Aires is the gateway to the country, and there we have the opportunity that Schedule Rodriguez Larreta gives us to show our attractions, and we should not waste it.”

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Rodolfo Suarez, Gustavo Valdez, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Gerardo Morales.jpg

Rodolfo Suarez, Gustavo Valdés, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Gerardo Morales at the Government House in Corrientes.

Rodolfo Suarez and the importance of tourism

Regarding the provinces that are part of the agreement, Suarez stressed that “promoting tourism with provinces such as Corrientes and Jujuy, which each have their customs, landscapes, festivals, meals, and attractions, is a matter on which we have not fully worked. , as we are doing now. It is an opportunity for them to come to our parties and festivals, such as the Vendimia”. And he added that “it’s something we have to do, and it means a great growth opportunity for our citizens so they can get to know the country.”

“This is a message for them to see us working together, in this Argentina that we need so much that we work together so that things work out so that we get closer to that country that we deserve”, Suarez pointed out.

Morales He stressed that “it is an integration agreement, which we had been working with Corrientes, Mendoza and CABA on various issues. This time we are united by a common goal, which is integration and the tourism development of our four regions. Buenos Aires is the gateway to Argentina, and we have great potential in Mendoza, Jujuy and Corrientes”.

The president of Jujuy stressed the importance of these “federal and transversal networks”, while anticipating that “we will soon have a direct flight between Mendoza and Jujuy”.

“The idea is also to integrate Corrientes, and close the circle with Buenos Aires, that will serve to deepen the network. Only in our province we have 25 thousand workers who live from tourism, and the same should happen in other provinces. This agreement serves to reaffirm the integration and development of our peoples,” said Morales.

Rodolfo Suarez with Gustavo Valdés.jpg

Governor Rodolfo Suarez together with his counterpart from Corrientes, Gustavo Valdés.

Governor Rodolfo Suarez together with his counterpart from Corrientes, Gustavo Valdés.

Rodriguez Larreta He pointed out that “this topic of tourism unites us. It is a great opportunity. We are overcoming the scourge of Covid-19. The fact of offering combined destinations is the best way”, and added that “that combination of being able to sell the package makes the promotion of tourism much more attractive”.

The head of the Buenos Aires Government maintained: “We have a connectivity problem, It is a great setback that this government has made when a lot of progress had been made. Today the opportunity is there and the best way is like this”.

“We promote tango a lot. We can combine tango and chamamé. We are united by the passion for management and the vision of a common country. We are united by a passion for management and we are united by the passion to build a better country”, highlighted Rodríguez Larreta.

The host governor of the meeting, Gustavo Valdes, remarked: “For us this agreement is central because we always dream of being able to transform the tourist matrix of our province. We did it through the Iberá plan. We are one of the most important fishing destinations. With Iberá we try to bring tourism from other latitudes”.

And he added: “This agreement allows us to promote tourism in the Iberá marshes. We have to rethink in the future how to continue promoting this destination. We have also been working together. We are doing an enormous job in the recovery of the native fauna (with CABA)”.

“As Gerardo Morales says, also it is a dream is to unite Argentina transversally and have horizontal and transversal communication. That is why we have to advance in infrastructure investment and air connectivity,” said the president.

Valdés recognized the importance of Mendoza as a tourist destination within the federal network. “We are the provinces that have the most tourism potential. We have to bet very strongly on it with the conviction that it is an engine for the development of our communities. This is a federal vision that we support and we must continue to work on. That our peoples are more twinned, closer and that we feel that it is a more federal country”, she pointed out.

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