Rodolfo Hernández did not keep anything and surprised with his strong opinion about the Colombian National Team

These days the presidential campaigns for the first round of the presidential elections in Colombia and on this occasion, the independent candidate, the engineer Rodolfo Hernandezgave a space to talk about other issues outside of politics.

Football is a passion for the man from Santander, who made his opinion known about the Colombia selectionthe club he supports and friends that few knew.

The first theme was that of the tricolor, who culminated an unfortunate tie, being eliminated from the World Cup Qatar 2022and about the national team, the candidate stated:

“It’s a circus. The main culprits are those who choose them. Robbers, thieves, scoundrels… It is a conclave and I have no idea how the statutes will be to modify them. And to be able to comment. But we all carry the National Team in our hearts and it belongs to everyone”.

“I’m going to find out what needs to be done to get rid of these leaders who disrupt what is good and start betraying the interests of the fans,” he added.

Something that few knew was that Hernández was linked to professional soccer in his university days, where he played with great references of Colombian soccer.

“I was a soccer player almost at a professional level. When I was here at the National University of Bogotá. We played against Independiente Santa Fe, owned by Gabriel Ochoa Uribe, in 1966. And we played some very wild games. We left our soul on the field. It was Roberto Perfumo when he was at Racing de Avellaneda. From number 2. From central. In other words, the ball passed but not the player. I was a Sergio Ramos, a Piqué. Hard leg but not pig. Strong but loyal.”

Screenshot. Photo: Twitter @MarcaClaroCol

Regarding the equipment of his loves, the Engineer revealed his great passion for the FC Barcelona: “I am a furious fan of Barcelona, ​​although it has dropped a lot since Guardiola’s departure. Since then he has had a tremendous slump. Now Xavi has it, but unfortunately since Messi’s departure and the dismemberment that the team had, he has relegated us”.

Although his love is for the Catalan team, the candidate surprised by saying that he has a friendship with Florentino Perezpresident of Real Madrid.

“What I want is a contract with the Real Madrid Foundation so that it trains children between the ages of 7 and 13, for some 500,000 children. They asked me for 10,000 pesos a day per child. And guess how much I lowered it to? At 2 thousand pesos day / child. He has to give me a medal for a businessman, not everyone does it with Florentino”.

To finish, the engineer told what he is looking for in the sport of our country, the proposals he has for this important activity in Colombia.

“Search for the best coaches in the world in the disciplines so that we are competitive at an international level. Cycling, soccer, weightlifting, triple jump, BMX… All those athletes that we have had successful, abandon the sport and the state abandons them”.

“Politicians embrace them and they barely finish, zero left. They promise things that they never deliver. All world champions have to have a 30% pension similar to that of a senator. The country is bankrupt by thieves. We have plenty of thieves and we lack good administrators.”

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