Rock Cornejo: "Social assistance has to be something momentary"

during the program YoinformAtNight, conducted by Rebekah Aldunate Y Joseph Zambranoa discussion table was set up in which the journalist Sebastian Quinteros and officials Roque Cornejo, Deputy for Now Homeland, and Ignacio Palarik, Councilor for the City of Salta for the New Generation party.

The topic of the debate revolved around social plans, on which Palarik commented: “It seems to me that the variables to generate employment have nothing to do with the generation of tools to contain emergency situations.”

Along these lines, he went on to say that “the social plans appear in this context, it is when the social organizations begin to appear on the political scene of our country, at the end of the 2000s, in one of the worst crises that our country has had and it is when social plans appear as a containment mechanism. At that time they were $150, today the average is $20,000.”

“It is not that the plan by itself will generate formal employment, in fact, today in Argentina, the UCA says so 46% of active workers are in the informal sectorthey are people who do not have a social work, they do not have the opportunity to discuss in parity, “he added later.

“Cristina clearly ate the speech of the right, it caught my attention because she ruled until 2015 and private employment has not grown since 2008. She is vice president and has government responsibilities, it is time to take blame. Lor social plans is in no way an outsourced service“.

For his part, Roque Cornejo pointed out: “This social assistance has to be something momentary, they exist in all parts of the world.”

“It’s when a person loses his job and needs some kind of help so that society can reincorporate him in the short or medium term. What happens is that getting a job is really difficult and this is something we have to be honest about,” held.

He also questioned the unemployment numbers. “This week the Minister of Economy, Dib Ashur, was visiting us and I asked him ‘what is the number of unemployed in Salta?’ and he told me that 7% In France there are 7.4%, we are better than France, I don’t think so. We have to be honest with the numbers, with the statistics“.

Roque Cornejo

“I think that we all believe that welfare is not the best, you go to the neighborhoods and people ask you for work, they don’t ask you for a social plan. I think it changed a lot with the pandemic, because people don’t just ask you for work to them, he asks you to work for his children. People know that work also has an extra seasoning that is aspirational“, he continued.

“This is financed with the little machine, we are handing out more and more money, for that we print more bills and the first thing it affects is inflation,” he concluded before Palarik took the floor again.

“We must go to a distributive reform, because today the one who has the most and the one who has the least pay the same percentage of VAT and that will also feed the state cash. It is not only the machine but the entire tax system because otherwise we end up pointing to the one who has the least and is the one who has the worst time,” closed the left-wing leader.

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