River reconfigures its stadium: it will be the one with the largest capacity in South America

After completely renovating the playing field (improvements in the drainage system and conversion to a hybrid turf -5% artificial and 95% natural-), River Plate decided to take a new step forward given the need to modernize and expand the capacity of the Monumental stadium, which will become the sports venue belonging to a soccer club with the largest capacity in all of South America: 81,000 spectators.

The Antonio Vespucio Liberti will be the first sports venue in the country with four trays, as a result of the creation of a new ring in the area where the athletics track used to be. This decision will also bring the public closer to the main protagonists.

Although most of the attention in this first stage of the reforms, which will have an approximate cost of 20 million dollars, is deposited in the creation of three of the four lower grandstands (Sívori, Centenario and San Martín – the Belgrano will be in the next phase, since the River Plate Institute must be moved first-), ​​another of the “vedettes” is the unique tunnel that the Monumental will have.

In the last hours, the Núñez club released a video through its social networks in which they provide details on the progress in the creation of this space within the stadium. “A tunnel to the future” was the phrase used by the institution.

Unlike what is currently happening at the Antonio Vespucio Liberti, both teams and the three referees will enter the field of play through this venue, since all the changing rooms will lead into this tunnel.

The Millionaire explained that this space will have a floor covered with synthetic grass and walls with LED screens. In addition, he announced that the fans located in the Paddock will have a privileged view of the teams’ departure.

Now before, River Plate had also warned about other advances in the reforms inside the stadium. “Working day and night in the Mâs Monumental of the future”, they explained. Another novelty is that the first concrete dump was carried out on the Lower Low Sívori, added to new advances in the different sectors of the field.

Source: Infobae

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