Rigoberto Urán shows in networks what he has to do so that his daughter Carlota has breakfast

the colombian cyclist Rigoberto Uranwho these days is resting in his native Antioquia sharing with his family, especially with his daughter Charlotte who fills the followers of the cyclist with tenderness.

The one born from Urrao, recovers after the double fall he had in the Tour de Romandía where he had to say goodbye for the shoulder fracturedespite the severe injury that Rigo was in charge of documenting on networks, the recommendation of his team’s medical body Education Firstwas not to intervene surgically, since it is expected that it will return to its place on its own.

While his condition is evolving remarkably, the Colombian will seek to go for the Tour de Suisse, which will serve as preparation for what will be the Tour de France in July.

Rigoberto Urán will ride the Tour de France. Photo: Instagram Rigoberto Urán

“We are going to be in the Swiss Tour, I am going to be in Colombia for three weeks resting and training at altitude. I’m on the bike again, obviously very carefully, especially when I have to do bumps on the road. You have to be very careful because the fracture is still there. I can’t train for a long time in the simulator, because I need to be on the road, in the mountains, I will do the Tour of Switzerland and the Tour of France, that is the calendar”, said the Olympic cyclist in an interview with Caracol Sports.

Thus, the runner from Antioquia awaits his next competition at home where he enjoys every moment close to his daughter, little Carlota, with whom he starred in a curious moment at breakfast time.

Rigo showed a special strategy that he uses to get the little girl to eat without problems.

It is about getting on a motorcycle with her on so that Charlotte managed to receive the blueberries and pancakes that his parents prepared for breakfast.

Urrao’s son detailed everything he has to do for his daughter to try the food, but he warns that if the motorcycle is turned off,“The girl begins to cry.” “I got a gas station” wrote.

Thing that amused his followers on social networks since at some point while recounted his experience as a father, he almost put one of the blueberries up his nose.

“But not through the nose”, “how are you going to give him blueberries through the nose”, were some of the comments that the Colombian received on his Instagram account.

Here is the video of Rigoberto Urán giving his daughter breakfast while riding a motorcycle on fire:

Publication of Rigoberto Urán. Photo: Instagram Rigoberto Urán

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