Ricardo ‘el Tigre’ Gareca would be the coach chosen to take the reins of the ‘Tricolor’

The Colombia selectionis still a ship adrift, after the departure of the technician was confirmed more than a month ago Reinaldo Rueda, who failed to take the team to its third world consecutive.

There have been many names that have come up in recent weeks to sit on the ‘Tricolor’ bench, starting with Marcelo Bielsa, Marcelo ‘el Muñeco’ Gallardo, Juan Carlos Osorio and Alberto Gamero.

Although Ramon Jesurun, president of the Colombian Football Federation, spoke after the departure of the Caleño strategist that they did not have any coach in mind and that they were going to take some time to think, everything seems to indicate that the managers already have the substitute for Reinaldo Rueda.

This Friday the journalist Diego Wheel, spoke on the show ‘The Vbar of Caracol Radio’ that the Argentine Ricardo ‘the Tiger’ Gareca already had the first approaches with the leaders of the FHR to take the reins of the Colombian National Team in the next South American Qualifiers that give quota to World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada 2026.

Ricardo Gareca would have advanced talks with the FCF. Photo: EFE

“The one chosen to be the new coach of Colombia, it is Ricardo Gareca. Meetings have already been held in both parties, one in Panama”, indicated the journalist in the VBar Caracol.

Besides, diego wheel He stated that the experienced 64-year-old coach could reach the ‘Tricolor’ this year if some external factors are given.

“Details are missing, but the chosen one will be one of those who was in the pact of Lime. If nothing weird happens, Gareca will be coach of Colombia for 2026. If he is eliminated in the playoffs, it will be sooner, otherwise, it will be the other year”, Diego Rueda pointed out.

Reinaldo Rueda left the Colombian National Team a month and a half ago.  Photo: EFE

Reinaldo Rueda left the Colombian National Team a month and a half ago. Photo: EFE

The rumors have not yet been confirmed or denied by the high command of the Colombian Football Federation, who apparently had a pact with the Peruvian Football Federation of not taking the Argentine coach.

For now, Ricardo Gareca is focused on what will be the playoff game for the World Cup Qatar 2022, where the Peru National Team will be measured at United Arab Emirates next June 5 in the city of Doha.

While the Colombia selection, will have a friendly match against Saudi Arabia national team that same day in Spain, and it is speculated that the U-20 coach Hector Cardenaswhoever sits on the ‘Tricolor’ bench for the game against the Asians.

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