Rial exploded due to Salazar’s romance with a Scaloneta player

24 hours after Luciana Salazar’s alleged romance with a member of the Scaloneta (the national soccer team) was revealed, Jorge Rial “played hard” on his radio show: he considered that “they are ruining our team” with the multiplication of this type of courtship and asked “the girls” to “leave the boys alone” at least until the World Cup in Qatar.

At the end of November -that is, in just five months- Argentina will begin its path to the cup that will be played for the first time “in the Arab world” (it was already played in Asia when it took place in Korea and Japan, in 2002) as a of the great favorites not only to reach the final instances, but also to win it. Many sports analysts choose her as the top candidate to lift the trophy on December 18.

On the field everything is going smoothly: the team has achieved such a balance between the youth of some of the boys (Cuty Romero in the background, Leandro Paredes and Rodrigo de Paul in the middle, Lautaro Martínez at the top) the experience of others (Nico Otamendi at the bottom , Lio Messi and Angelito Di María in attack) and the desire of the rest (led by Dibu Martínez) who became invincible at the hands of coach Lionel Scaloni, inexperienced until he took office but so successful and convincing that if not he’s the most loved man in the country right now, he hits the stick.

But in the middle of that triumphal march, news began to explode in the gossip press. First it was Rodrigo de Paul who was involved in “Wandagate” and finally ended up whitewashing that he is dating Tini Stoessel, nothing more and nothing less, and now this incendiary version has appeared that Luciana Salazar is beginning to meet “with a Scaloneta player who is single”.

In the radio broadcast in which he stars alongside Gato Sylvestre and his team, Rial heard the news from the mouth of Débora D’Amato, who was his partner in Intruders and is now experiencing her second pregnancy. So, she let loose with everything. “They are destroying the national team with these things,” he assured, and recalled everything that is happening with De Paul on the gossip shows. “Please, the girls have to stop fluttering until the Qatar World Cup,” begged the future driver from Argenzuela on C5N.

As D’Amato “fought it” a bit with the argument that “they can do something, but they can also say no, it happens that their hormones are on and they think more with the one below than with the one above”, Rial also fought her and reminded her that “this is a unique opportunity, please don’t let it go. We won’t have another chance like this, remember what I’m telling you!” /Paparazzi

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