Johanna Meneses, the woman arrested a week ago charged with the crime of parricide, was transferred to her home, after stabbing and killing her ex-partner in the Pedro del Río Zañartu sector, then decreeing the Concepción Guarantee Court the preventive detention measure .

And it is that the Penquista Court of Appeals revoked the injunction, by accepting an appeal filed by the defense, by lawyer Renato Zegpi, who managed to convince the court of appeal of the absence of intent in his client’s conduct, changing the deprivation of freedom in jail for total house arrest.

But in addition, the defense attorney pointed out, before the Public Ministry they will insist on the history of violence suffered by the accused since the beginning of the relationship with Diego Torres, the victim in this case, with the aim of pointing to the acquittal of Johanna Meneses.

The woman will serve house arrest for the investigation period of three months, decreed by the Guarantee Court.