Revealing details about how the programmer found at the bottom of his home’s pool died

The preliminary result of the autopsy of the body of Federico Saenzconfirmed that the programmer 41 years old died for “asphyxiation by lasso strangulation”product of the hanging of a thief who used a cable to kill the victim during a robbery that occurred this Sunday at his home in the Buenos Aires town of Boulogne.

Judicial sources told Télam that the forensic examiners at the morgue in Saint Ferdinand in charge of the study of the corpse took different samples to subject it to a series of complementary tasks in search of confirming the initial conclusions about the expertise.

The fiscal Maria Paula Hertrigcharged the detainee, Mauricio Nahuel Fernandez (30) for “robbery and homicide criminis causa”, a crime that carries a life sentence.

While waiting to know the results of the post-mortem studies of Sáenz’s body, the judicial instructor of Boulogne The presumed murderer was summoned for questioning, but he refused to testify.

“What the forensic experts conclude will be key to knowing if the man was strangled with the cable and thrown dead into the pool, or if he actually ended up drowning under the water.”had pointed out one of the sources of the case about the importance of the result of the autopsy.

The incident occurred on Sunday around 11.5. at the house of Aguado 1251, in the neighborhood Santa Rita of San Isidro, located to the west of the collector of the Panamericana. There was Sáenz with his partner, a doctor, and his two nieces, ages 8 and 11, when the thief surprised the woman while she was washing the car in the front yard.

The investigators were able to establish that the detainee would have acted alone, thanks to the images recorded by the security cameras: Key evidence that was provided to the cause investigating the crime.

As a result of the images recorded by security cameras, ”He is seen crossing the Panamericana and approaching the house alone. He arrived alone walking, he was not accompanied by accomplices and no support vehicle was waiting for him ”One of the researchers told the Télam news agency.

In the film record, Fernández would be seen jumping a fence and then approaching the doctor, whom he attacked and threatened to take the keys to his house. He later entered the house and closed the door, at which time the woman took the opportunity to notify the security person at the corner booth.

However, the witness witnessed through the windows that the suspect had tied up her partner in the back garden and received a punch from him to stop asking for help. In addition, the murderer threatened the victim’s nieces, who were inside the house, and told them to stay locked in their room because he wanted to “steal a bicycle.”

When the Police arrived, the defendant was still inside the victim’s property, so they were able to subdue him and rescue the girls, although they were unable to revive the programmer.

“They pulled him out of the water and he had two turns of an HDMI cable around his neck. They immediately performed CPR on him, but could not revive him. Everything indicates that he was several minutes in the water ”, assured sources of the investigation. Later it would be known that when he fell into the water he was already dead.

The detainee already had a record, because the police warned that he is related to at least three cases in the judicial department San Isidro for crimes against property: one for qualified robbery in 2011, another for a motorcycle with a request for kidnapping in 2016 and the last for aggravated concealment in 2018.

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