Retained plane: “We want to know the truth”, affirmed the head of the DAIA

On June 6, a cargo plane from Caracas arrived in the country with 19 Venezuelan and Iranian crew members who since then, and for various reasons that are not entirely clear, have remained in Argentina.

Two days later, the Iranian aircraft took off for Montevideo, but Uruguay denied him access and he had to return to the Ezeiza Airport, where the immigration authorities withheld his documentation.

In dialogue with THE COMPASS 24 Carlos Nudelman, president of the Bahía Blanca affiliate DAIA, called for urgency to clarify the fact, without delaying decisions: “We need to get to the truth of the situation,” he stressed.

“This company that operates from Iran takes military weapons to Syria and Lebanon, sells them to Venezuela and there are many doubts about what happened in Córdoba because it seems that there is an exchange agreement in the middle for the existing military drones in the country of the north of Latin America”, highlighted Nudelman, in the program “A Good Reason”.

In addition, he explained that “the DAIA denounces due to the number of questions that there are, we know what impunity is for all the previous events and this is a new act that can be added. The most terrible thing is that this was the work of chance because if Uruguay did not close the airspace it would go unnoticed.”

“The role of the press is important, reporting perhaps in some cases with erroneous data, using sources that seek to misinform, but the issue was put on the agenda, which is what counts. For all this, it is that he requested to be a complainant, ”she said, in another section of the radio interview.

In parallel, he revealed that “we have to investigate and be fully sure of what this plane came for, they are saying that in the crew records there were six in Córdoba and only five in Buenos Aires.”

“The Iranians who for the Argentine Justice are responsible for other attacks are involved in the origin of the plane, but from that country in recent days they echoed the idea of ​​erasing Tel Aviv from the map. They are facts and concrete threats, that is why precaution must be taken, the best thing that can happen to us is that this is elucidated, “concluded Nudelman.

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