Relatives of miners in Sabinas maintain hope of rescuing them alive

More than two and a half days after the accident in the coal pit located in Sabinas, and where at least 10 mining workers remain trapped, the hope of locating them and rescuing them alive remains latent among their families.

After a third day characterized by great activity in the area where the incident took place, which contrasted with the silence of the authorities towards the relatives of the miners who are located outside the place and with whom Nazira Zogbi Castro, head of the Secretary of Labor, promised to provide them with the information they have been demanding from the beginning; a light of hope remains.

And it is that the sisters Blanca and Norma Rivera, cousins ​​of the trapped miners José Moreno and José Moreno Jr, told the media that they felt cheated by the authorities; They stated that there are disagreements about the information that is provided to them at one point and that after a few hours they are told another.

In addition, they addressed various issues, such as the fact that the person in charge of the well had already introduced himself and faced them, he also mentioned that in the middle of the meeting on Friday night they chose a person who would represent them; They gave him a tour of the place and informed them that the water has dropped a little, saying that it is only centimeters, but that there is still hope.

“There is an air bag, where they can take refuge and can breathe. Right now my cousin says that there is hope,” said Blanca and Norma Rivera.

Questioned by the special group of divers, the women announced that they do not want to get into the well until there is five meters of water, so what are they divers for? Norma Rivera questioned.

The Coahuila government issued a statement stating that some water pumps were replaced, increasing pumping capacity by 60 percent. The Mimosa company reported the successful completion of a hole, which adds up to two drillings and it is expected to introduce more pumps.

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