Regrettable! Mexicans and Argentines star in pitched battle in Qatar 2022

It was reported that, after the events, no Mexican or Argentine citizen has been detained. (SPECIAL)

Undoubtedly, next Saturday there will be a lot of tension at the Lusail stadium, where Mexico and Argentina will face each other on the pitch and off it as well.

In social networks, Images of a pitched battle between Mexicans and Argentines circulatein one of the Fan Fests installed in the city of Doha.

In one of the videos, fans of both nationalities can be seen exchanging blows and insults. The police did not make any act of presence.


It was reported that, after the facts, noor there is no Mexican or Argentine citizen detained. However, the operation that will be implemented for the game between the two teams to take place at the Lusail stadium will be reinforced.

Fans from Mexico and Argentina had an altercation a few days before the game of the second day of Group C of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Spokesmen for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that there are no people detained or hospitalized of either of the two nationalities.a report that was compared with the Argentine office.

However, it was reiterated that at the Lusail stadium, venue for the game between Mexico and Argentina, which has a greater capacity, the operation will grow. “Lusail has greater capacity and space to cover, so the operation will be the same as the game against Poland, but obviously it will grow in terms of elements”mentioned SRE personnel, who have already begun to coordinate with their counterparts from the Argentine embassy and local authorities, so that everything is carried out calmly.

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