Recurring neighborhood claims for the state of the Parque Cemetery « Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The Ombudsman’s Office assured that it receives a “huge number of claims” for the state of the Parque Cemetery, described its multiple deficiencies and asked for better maintenance.

The local body indicated that, after the complaints, it carried out an “eye examination” in which it verified that there are “concrete ceilings, deteriorated beams and columns with exposed ironwork, leaks in the concrete ceilings with water falling at various days of the last rain, fallen plastering and about to come off, water from the public toilets running down the corridors, public toilets closed with bars and padlocks for two and a half years, Broken covers of niches, missing covers of niches, iron frames of rusty covers and outlets, graffitied walls, missing bronze plaques and bronze vases, clogged floor drains and absolute lack of sector signaling”.

He immediately added that to the naked eye inspection is added the “lack of security custody, that of personnel from 13 to 18 and the maintenance of niches and vaults.”

“This situation entails risk of detachment of masonry and earthenware, impossibility of using the bathrooms for those who visit the cemetery, theft of objects belonging to the niches and insecurity for visitors, mainly from 1 pm to 6 pm, a period in which there is only one worker for the 33 hectares”.

There’s also “risk of detachment of niche covers, constant leaks of water that endanger electrical connections and the niches themselves, difficulties in locating the graves due to lack of signage and lack of support due to lack of personnel”, which “generates a greater effort from the personnel, who must work with vacancies that They are not covered.”

After several requests for reports from the Ombudsman’s Office, the situations that have generated the continuous claims of the neighbors who have their relatives in the cemetery continue.

“Mar del Plata must have a cemetery that honors our loved ones. It is not appropriate to let public cemeteries fall to bring social inequality to the last resting place as well ”, warned the agency.

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