Recipe: Traditional and excellent stew from France

One of them is the traditional French stew called Boeuf Bourguignon —Burgundy veal—, which consists of stewing the meat in its own juices in a prolonged cooking with red wine, vegetables and aromatic herbs. “This is an emblematic recipe from France like the poule au pot —chicken stew— or the Coq Au Vin —stewed chicken—, which are characterized by their slow cooking with red wine”, indicates Jorge Lazo, executive chef of La Maison restaurant.

“This dish is a reference to the French cuisine that shaped me. Knowing how to make a good Boeuf Bourguignon is like knowing how to make eggs with tomato and onion”, says Lazo, who recommends tasting it in the current rainy season, on days of low temperatures or for a family celebration, unquestionably accompanied by a good Bordeaux wine.

“This dish represents the patience and love that the French show for good food”, refers the chef, because this meat stew is cooked for five hours, to obtain the maximum expression of the magnificent combination of ingredients. As a result, the meat is extremely tender and juicy, in a thick sauce.

“In my opinion, French gastronomy established the bases of gastronomy in the world, from which many people have innovated the dishes”, explains Lazo, who recalls his beginnings in the world of gastronomy in France.

“It was not easy, arriving at the age of 18 in an unknown country, far from the family and learning a new manual job from scratch. But the desire to learn motivates. Having worked in France and Luxembourg were my best life experiences”, says Lazo. “My biggest influences were my co-workers at certain places. They taught me to be rigorous with myself and to demand more without being asked. Today I still live that way”, refers the chef.

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“More than cooking, in my profession I have learned to be a human being, to lead teams and not let ourselves fall for the things that overwhelm us. I have learned much more in two years with La Maison in Guatemala than in 10 years in Europe. And more than anything, to never give up and to adapt to fight for what you want”, the chef points out.


3 pounds of meat to stew
8 ounces smoked bacon
2 pounds of carrots
8 ounces mushrooms from Paris
10 pearl onions
1 large onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 bouquet garni —bouquet of aromatic herbs such as thyme, parsley, bay leaf and leek—
1 clove
¾ liter of dark background
1 bottle of red wine
2 tablespoons of flour
3 tablespoons of butter
4 tablespoons of oil
Salt and pepper

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Cut the meat into 1 cm pieces. Seal it with salt and pepper with the bacon in a large pot. Add the onion and sliced ​​carrot. Brown and add the garlic. Brown and add the flour. Deglaze —make use of ingredient residues— with the red wine and cook for three minutes over medium heat. Add the dark stock —consommé— and cook for five hours over low heat. Thirty minutes before serving, add the mushrooms and onions. Serve over potatoes or fresh pasta.

chef profile

  • Jorge Lazo specializes in French gastronomy.
  • He studied for three years at the Liceo Hotelero Atlántico in Biarritz, in the south of France.
  • In 2011, after completing his studies, he began working in a castle in Biarritz, which had just obtained its first Michelin star, which made him fall in love with French haute cuisine.
  • He worked for 10 years only in restaurants with Michelin stars in the Basque Country, Luxembourg and in Paris, France.
  • Currently, he is executive chef at La Maison restaurant in Guatemala. @lamaisongt

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