Rapalini: "We will be more present in Bahia and the region"

The president of the Industrial Union of the Province of Buenos Aires, Martín Rapallini, assured that the institution will have a greater presence in our city and the region and that the development opportunities of Bahia are “incalculable.”

“In the interior there are many industrial parks, greater security and the quality of life is much better and that creates conditions for development that are very important,” he said.

“I believe that Argentina could triple production if the government took measures to do so, such as removing taxes and putting an end to the labor lawsuit industry that often leads hundreds of SMEs to bankruptcy,” he assured.

“I am touring the entire territory to promote the link and networks that allow investments and conversations with the leaders of the Industrial Union of Bahia,” he also said.

Asked about the high inflation rates that Argentina has, he assured that the impact it generates in the business community is the increase in all raw materials and that this translates into prices. “The war between Russia and Ukraine also created problems with energy,” he said.

“Despite these circumstances, the business community is always looking at investment possibilities because the reality is that Argentina has everything to do. There are many opportunities but in a turbulent environment that does not help to improve,” he added.

“From the private sector we do not support more taxes and the high rates of informality that are seen is because it is to pay taxes or close the business. We believe that incentives must be sought to generate investments and more jobs, although for that decisions must be made taxes or generate incentive mechanisms,” he pointed out.

Rapallini met at the UIBB, with its president Gustavo Elías; Maximiliano Di Federico, vice president of UIPBA; Ricardo Rabbione, local executive director, and Alejandra Beligoy, in addition to the young people from the UIPBA and the UIBB.

At the meeting, the young people highlighted the potential of Bahia and its SMEs to face the projects that are in progress for the city and the region.

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