Preventive Early Warning governs the Metropolitan region, due to the forecast of rains and gusts of wind that will be registered from this Wednesday.

From this Wednesday and until Thursday the fall of rains and the presence of gusts of wind in the Metropolitan region. This was predicted by the Chilean Meteorological Directorate, for which Onemi decreed Preventive Early Warning.

According to the forecast, they could fall from 25 millimeters of water depending on the sector, with gusts of wind that would reach up to 50 km / h.

In the meantime, they could fall up to 30 centimeters of snow In the mountain range.

“In consideration of these antecedents, which suppose an increased risk associated with these meteorological variables, the Metropolitan Onemi Regional Directorate declares a Regional Preventive Early Warning by frontal system”, it was noted in a statement.

This means that there will be a strengthening of vigilance, “through precise and rigorous monitoring of risk conditions and the respective vulnerabilities associated with the threat, coordinating and activating the National System for Prevention and Response to Disasters”.