Rain in Guadalajara prevents a game between Mariachis and Unión Laguna

In the absence of only one out for the game to be official, the rain and the cunning of Sergio Gastélum were present at the Pan-American stadium in this city, so that the second game of the series between Algodoneros and Mariachis de Guadalajara was suspended.

Today will be played twice and everything that happened last night will be eliminated, so the teams will start the first game with a score of zero to zero; Both matches will be played over 7 innings.

During the fifth inning the rain appeared and little by little it grew in intensity, which the manager of the Mariachis, Sergio Omar Gastélum, took advantage of to make a practically unfounded claim, he ended up being expelled, but in the end it helped him to increase the rain. until the umpires decided to suspend it, when the Algodoneros had a 5-run lead and were one out away from winning.


The Guindas again came from behind, because in the second inning they allowed 3 runs with the pitching of Joshua Corrales, but they made a 7-run rally in the third inning, to turn the score around. That third round consumed more than half an hour of play, between walks and pitcher changes by the Mariachis, because although starter Eddie Gamboa got the first two outs, three other pitchers paraded down the mound, to be able to finish the inning. .

Corrales had problems in the closing of the episode, but he solved it with a couple of strikeouts to hang the zero and although the home team made a run to the relief of Santiago Gutiérrez in the fourth round, the Guindas responded with a couple of annotations in the fifth to put the score at 9-4. In the closing, the figure of Gastelum emerged, he came in to claim when they had thrown a ball to Sergio Pérez, the home plate umpire, Carlos León, expelled Gastélum, but at the same time, he ordered that he be They will put up the tarps to cover the infield.


After waiting three half hours, it stopped raining and although the Algodoneros took a defensive position to get at least the missing out, the Mariachis batter never entered the box, prevented by coach Héctor Estrada. Then the complaints and calls to the LMB headquarters began, the problem, however, was that the rain reappeared and after many complaints from manager Guinda, Ramón Orantes, the head of the umpires quartet, Lamberto Zavala, indicated the definitive suspension of the game, for which the “clean slate” was applied.


Algodoneros and Mariachis will play twice today, starting at 5:00 p.m., to complete their series and make way for the All-Star Game break.

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