Raccoons from Lerdo seek to make history in the National Baseball Series

A great role is being played by the representative of the Regional Baseball League of La Laguna, the Lerdo Raccoons, who compete in the Minor Category National Series, which corresponds to the Little League Baseball program, affiliated with Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The National Series for little ballplayers between the ages of 9 and 10 is held in the city of Sabinas, Coahuila, where the best teams in all of Mexico in that category attend, including powers at the national level, who have been measured by the team Lagunero with gallantry and good baseball to defeat them.

During their group stage, the little players from La Laguna were undefeated with three wins, without defeats, until yesterday, when they ran into the San Uriel League, from Parral, Chihuahua, which saddled the Mapaches with their first loss, although they remain in first place in his group, for dominance over his rivals.


The path for the Lerdense team began last Friday, with a pitching gem from Edwin Díaz, who pitched a No Hit or Run game, against the Tijuana Municipal League, a team of great strength, by tradition, which the Laguneros knocked out with a clear slate of 11 runs to 0. Never in the history of the Little League program in Mexico had a representative team from Lerdo beat the Tijuana Municipal League in a National Series, which highlights even more what the Raccoons have done this time.

For their second game, the Mapaches beat the Aurelio López Rodríguez League, from Puebla, with a score of 9 runs by 6, a game in which the professional baseball player, Ricardo Serrano, father of one of the little players from Lerdense and who attended support the Laguneros, taking advantage of the break in the All-Star Game of the Mexican Baseball League.

In the third match, Lerdo defeated another great national power, the Linda Vista League, from Monterrey, where the pitching of Alexander Herrera, the pride of La Loma, Durango, and great relief of Joel Zapata, pride of Graseros, Durango, emerged victorious. who led the lagoons to win by 6 to 4.


The first and only loss for Mapaches in the group stage, they suffered yesterday with a slate of 4 runs to 1, against the San Uriel League, from Chihuahua, which hypnotized the bats from La Laguna to achieve their first win in the National Series.

That defeat does not affect the Mapaches, who will remain with the first place in their group, “B”, due to the dominance they have over Tijuana and Linda Vista, whom they defeated; Today Lerdo’s team will rest, but this same day they will meet their rival in the second phase, which will come from between two royals: the Gallos de San Nicolás and the Treviño Kelly League.

The team is made up of Jasson Aganza, Neymar Ponce, Ricardo Serrano, Henry Alvarado, Alexander Herrera, Milan Ponce, Edwin Ruiz, Joel Zapata, Aldo Sifuentes, Dylan Martínez, Bayron Herrera, Bairon Salas and Sebastián Cruz.

They are directed by the manager Édgar Salazar and the coach is Gerardo González.

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