Quintero and Puchuncaví: Senators ask the Government to speed up projects on environmental regulations

Senators from the Environment Commission asked the minister of the portfolio to expedite bills that seek to solve the problem in Quintero and Puchuncaví.

The conclusion that was drawn from this session of the Environment Commission, which sought to analyze the situation of Quintero and Puchuncaví, is that the current environmental regulations are inefficient, outdated and do not prevent episodes of intoxication.

The minister of the portfolio, Maisa Rojas said that although the companies complied with the established limits, this only serves to lower the contamination rates, but not to avoid affecting the health of the neighbors.

Without going any further, the recommendation of the World Health Organization regarding how companies should proceed to avoid episodes of saturation is three times more demanding than the Chilean one.

Therefore, to clean up, the senators of the commission asked the executive to put urgency in a series of bills that are going to be presented and others that have already been presented.

The senator of the Democratic Revolution and member of the Environment CommissionJuan Ignacio Latorre, said that the current decontamination plan is lax.

There is a project in particular, in which special emphasis was placed, which seeks classify environmental crime and therefore raise the demands for companies. This has been stalled in the Constitution committee for several months.

What does this initiative imply? Senator RN explains it, Francisco Chahuán.

The mayor of Puchuncaví, Marcos Morales, said that the background he has since the first episode of intoxication occurred in the area, allows him to ensure that the state has abandoned the inhabitants of his commune.

As reported, this Friday there could be news regarding the urgencies that the executive will put in the bills that seek to improve current regulations.

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