Queen Elizabeth of England sends message of condolence after explosion at the Saratoga Hotel

Queen Elizabeth of England sent a message of condolences to the Cuban government and people after the explosion at the Saratoga hotel in Havana, which has left 46 people dead.

“I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life and injuries caused by the explosion in Havana on May 6. My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives and their loved ones, as well as the emergency services helping those affected.” said the queen.


The British embassy on the island said on Facebook that the message of condolences was addressed to “Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez and the people of Cuba.”

The explosion of the Saratoga shocked the Cuban people, who received messages of encouragement from governments like that of the United States, who last Friday sent his condolences to all those affected.

Likewise, the European Union Through the High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, he sent his condolences and inquired about the situation on the island after the tragedy that mourned the island’s population.

This Thursday the search work in the Saratoga concluded, after finding the lifeless body of the last person reported as missing. However, the death toll rose to 46 this Friday after the death of a man who remained in critical condition from injuries sustained during the explosion.

The accident, presumably caused by a gas leak, destroyed a large part of the hotel facility and caused damage to the closest buildings, including the Concepción Arenal primary school, where five children were injured, the El Calvario Baptist Temple and the Martí Theater. Neighbors of an adjoining building also died, where dozens of families lost their homes.

The explosion affected several vehicles parked in the vicinity of the Saratoga, among them a bus from the state company Transtur that was waiting for tourists who were visiting that area of ​​the city. The bus driver suffered minor injuries. A Spanish tourist who was traveling near the place died and her boyfriend remains in serious condition in a hospital on the island

The Cuban regime decreed national mourning for the disaster Thursday afternoon.

The event left 99 people injured, including 46 dead.

There are still 16 people hospitalized and another 38 are in their homes, after receiving medical attention.

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