Qatar 2022 World Cup: Mexican fans made a provocative chant about the Malvinas and an Argentine confronted them

The decisive match between Argentina and Mexico next Saturday, starting at 4:00 p.m., has escalated the violence between the fans of both teams. On this occasion, a group of Mexican fans sang against the Falkland Islands, mocking the British occupation, and this song unleashed the anger and the response of an Argentine sympathizer who was traveling with them.

The duel between Argentina and Mexico became more relevant after the defeat of the Albiceleste team against Saudi Arabia. The unexpected result made those led by lionel scaloni should assume this confrontation as a true final. However, that climate of tension has moved to the streets of Doha, Qatar.

In this context, after the pitched battle between Argentine and Mexican sympathizers, a reprehensible situation arose that generated a lot of anger and annoyance. Something that further increased the existing rivalry for several years or, rather, for several World Cups.

In a video, which went viral on social media, you can see a group of mexican fans mock the british occupation in the falkland islands. The fans performed a chant, to the classic court tune that read: “And you already see it, and you already see it, andnlEnglish is spoken in the Malvinas”. they sang euphorically.

The provocative song was chanted by most of the Mexicans present, who even laughed at the current situation in the Islands. One of them even asks whoever came up with the song to do it again.

However, an Argentine was traveling in the same bus, who Upon hearing that song, he did not hesitate to approach the Mexicans and confront them.. The supporter of the Argentina team asked them to stop singing that particular song.

In addition, he made it clear to them that he had no problem with them making chicanas with other issues in Argentina, but Not with the Malvinas Islands, because it is a sensitive issue. “Nerd. Not that. Here we come, huh. youI allow all of them, but not that one”the Argentine fan told them.

The Mexican fans chose to respect the request made by the Argentine and wanted to continue singing, but the euphoria of the moment had already disappeared and silence took over the microphone. Meanwhile, this situation was widely repudiated by Argentine supporters on social networks.

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