Punilla: they shot and killed a carancho and there is outrage among the neighbors

An outrageous case aroused great discomfort among the residents of Blue Lake Villaa neighborhood located in the commune of Villa Santa Cruz del Lago, minutes from Carlos Paz. A man was walking with his grandchildren when He found a caracara already lifeless and with signs of having been hit by ammunition from a firearm.

Suzannea neighbor of the place and a relative of those who found him, told cba24n.com.ar that he The discovery took place in the area where there are homes and a few meters from the shore of the lake. “He had fresh blood, apparently there is someone who walks with a rifle, it is seen that there is someone who was taring them”he expressed.

He immediately alerted the neighborhood groups, arousing outrage in the area. There are even those who advanced the intention of denouncing what happened. Susana expressed her discomfort because over the hours it had not been possible to determine who had fired the shot in the area.

Usually, the neighbors admitted that there are no episodes of this type in the area, so they expressed their discomfort and surprise. At the same time, they indicated that the neighborhood, which combines permanent homes and other weekend houses, is always home to visitors and tourists.

Photo: Susana Morandín.  The animal appeared with a bullet hole type wound and without any other damage.
Photo: Susana Morandín. The animal appeared with a bullet hole type wound and without any other damage.

Hunting a carancho is totally prohibited

The director of the Environmental Police of the Province, Adrian Rinaudoexpressed his discomfort at the news and stated that “hunting a caracara or other wild animal is totally prohibited”.

The official, in dialogue with cba24n.com.arrecalled that “These practices are prohibited according to the National Fauna Law, to which Córdoba adheres”.

“That is wildlife, wildlife cannot be hunted,” he said forcefully.

At the same time, Rinaudo expressed that these episodes are currently infrequent. “It’s not that common, but it happens,” he said, recognizing that there are unscrupulous attitudes against the environment.

“They are scavenger birds and pest controllers. They are protected by law. Therefore, hunting is prohibited. They are harmless to human beings,” added another source specializing in the environment, but from the Provincial Police, about the caracara, the species that was found by the residents of Lago Azul.

Where to report

In the province of Córdoba there are two forces or organizations where complaints of this type of event can be made. On the one hand, the Police of the Province of Córdoba, which has its own Environmental Patrol. Therefore, it can be initiated before a Judicial Unit or by contacting the Police itself, as occurs in some cases in the interior of the province.

The other possibility is before the Environmental Police Directoratewhich depends on the Government of the Province of Córdoba.

For further queries, you can call 911 or, in the case of the Environmental Police Directorate, the following contacts: 0800-777-0220 (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.); 0351-4420924 (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.); denuncias.cba.gov.ar (anonymously or through Ciudadano Digital) or WhatsApp 351-3108709.

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