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He said that the Commission “He has a license to lie, slander and abuse” and explained the reasons that lead him to point that out.

The art. 29 of decree 588 of 2017 establishes total impunity for everything that the Truth Commission says, suggests, recommends. There is no way to defend against their abuse.

Father de Roux told me that it was necessary to extend the term so as not to interfere with elections. However, Commissioner Alejandro Valencia Villegas has anticipated the biased report on false positives, in which he accuses my Government of having encouraged murders.

Commissioner Alejandro Valencia Villegas has had a manifest political attitude against me, he has been a lawyer against the Nation for the Air Force bombing of a terrorist group in Santo Domingo, Arauca, events that occurred before my Government.

It is irresponsible to point out my government to encourage murders. Nobody has the slightest evidence that my person had ordered, tolerated or encouraged murders. When I say nobody, it means nobody in the Ministry of Defense, in the Armed Forces, in the control bodies that always attended our security councils. On the contrary, what I did was take measures, from the beginning of the Government, so that the Democratic Security policy was rigorous in the observance of transparency.

This is stated in the public report of 63 points. But this is unknown to the Truth Commission, harassed by many NGOs, which due to their political orientations have been enemies of the right of Colombians to live in a safe country.
The framework of impunity of the Commission, elevated to Constitutional rank, illegitimately by ignoring the Plebiscite, leaves me no choice but to repeatedly appeal to public opinion, national and international, to defend my firm and transparent behavior that served Colombia well enough. and defended some theses useful to many sister countries.

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