PSG on fire! Neymar supported posts against Mbappé

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Through his official Twitter account, the Brazilian approved a series of messages against Mbappé, who missed a penalty when the match was 0-0.

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The L’Equipe portal assures that Neymar’s “I like” unleashed a “Penaltygate” in PSG.

Neymar’s “likes” on Mbappé’s belt

The first message that Neymar “endorsed” on Twitter was one from an account dedicated to him that said: “The best penalty kicker in the world has a first and last name: Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. Respect my 10, ok?”


Then, the other tweet endorsed by Neymar, pointed out as a Coach Cristophe Galtier’s decision to back Mbappé as the first penalty taker “absurd”.

And finally, Neymar agreed to another message that treated the Frenchman as “the owner of PSG”.

After the game, Galtier was asked about this issue and tried to minimize the controversy.

“The order of choice of the kicker was defined for this game. Kylian kicked the first and it was logical that Neymar did it later. We will see later”, assured the French DT.

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