Provincial hospitals: the assemblies continue and the ministry called a meeting

While the health portfolio of the province convened a meeting with the representatives of the Health Workers Coordinator to approach positions in relation to their demands, In the provincial hospitals the assemblies continue during this day, so the attention remains resentful.

In the midst of the conflict that has been going on for almost two weeks, only urgencies, emergencies and intensive care are attended, while scheduled surgeries and care in clinics are suspended.

The Health Workers Coordinator ignores the salary agreement reached by the Union of Public Employees and demands a “recomposition of 200% of the basic, adjustable to the inflationary process; the transfer to the plant of all monotributistas; the laundering of all amounts not remuneration; the December bonus of 150 thousand pesos; the incorporation of all university professions to occupational group 1; the recovery of 82% of the basic for retirement; the recognition of residents as professionals in training”.

Seven members of the Coordinator elected in the assemblies will attend the meeting with the health authorities and will not have the power to negotiate. That is, they will go to listen to the proposals and then transfer them to the assemblies, where the path to follow will be voted on.

On Wednesday, the workers of the health teams carried out the second mobilization in a week, starting from the Sanitary Pole. The same thing happened in the interior of the province, especially in the capital cities where the regional hospitals are located.

The previous week, the province signed a salary increase with the SEP, which is unknown to the bases in the provincial hospitals, where they seek a higher increase than the one agreed by the union.

It should be remembered that weeks ago, the Minister of Health, Gabriela Barbás, had promised that before the end of the year there would be news in the Health ranks, in reference to modifications that take into account any of the demands raised by the Health Workers Coordinator. .

In addition, it had been in favor of “re-hierarchizing” the roles of workers in the provincial health system. “The first step that was taken was the additional remuneration for the teams on duty since November, of 50,000 pesos for the Capital and 70,000 for the interior”, the head of the provincial health portfolio had assured.

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