Protectora targeted the Government for a controversial decree

Last week the national government published the Decree 332/2022which launches, as of this month, “a system of rate segmentation for public gas and electricity services”. In this way, the Ministry of Economy seeks to achieve fiscal savings of $15,000 million through the removal of subsidies to the wealthiest sectors of the country.

According to the letter, users will be divided into three groups according to their income levels: first, there are the beneficiaries of the social rate; then, the broad middle segment of society; and the last group will be headed by the 10% of citizens who will pay the total rate, as it is considered the sector with the highest income among citizens.

The measure is generating great rejection by civil associations that defend the rights of final consumers. For this reason, Romina Ríos, head of the Consumer Defense Association protectorwas interviewed in MDZRadio. the referent I consider that the initiative seeks “misrepresent private information” of users when filling out the form to access the benefit.

Romina Ríos, head of the Protective Consumer Defense Association.

“Due to tax secrecy, the AFIP cannot deliberately provide taxpayer data and Nation found the solution to access this information. Clearly, it will do so by forcing the user to make an affidavit through indirect coercion, which is intended to threaten the consumer, since if they do not fill out the request, this person may lose this social benefit through segmentation. For this reason, the State is distorting the resolution that sought to eliminate subsidies to wealthy sectors,” the interviewee began.

Also, the owner of protector assured that the resolution has several elements to confuse users when “filling out the form”, which is not yet enabled and is expected to be in the course of this week. For this reason, Ríos argued that “the poor communication of the Executive“It can bring new harm to the most vulnerable classes of society. “If I intend to implement a measure of this type, what has to be done is not to generalize, but to go slowly and do it the other way around how they want to implement it,” he commented. .

In addition, Ríos pointed out that “all users have to fill out this form so as not to find ourselves with the surprise of paying more” when our economic situation is not in accordance with the record that the State could have of us. For this reason, the referent declared that, instead of “all users filling out the application”; only be “those people who belong to the broad middle stratum”, which do not have any record about their goods and services, so that the Government can provide a solution to this sector.

“The Condition Nacional has the economic information of the strata that are benefited by the social tariff and of the wealthiest sectors of Argentina through the registry of private property and the registry of the automobile. Therefore, the information they do not have is from those people who are in the second group and do not have any type of services or goods registered with their names. So, if we want the resolution to move forward, we should start with this sector and we could advance another section in a short time”, proposed the head of protector.

On the other hand, the president of the civil association anticipated that she had presented “a request to review the different types of points in the resolution” with the participation of the 30 organizations that make up the Enargas Users Commission. “We don’t know, yes social rate will persist over time and at the same time we do not know, if the subsidy for cold zone will continue to exist despite the fact that they are created by different laws. For this reason, the organizations make a request because in the resolution they never talk about these points. For this reason, we want to know if these benefits will be taken or will be congenial for the good of the users”, he sentenced.

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