Prosecutor rejects change of precautionary measure in favor of Cuban activist Ktivo Disidente

The Cuban Prosecutor’s Office rejected a change of precautionary measure in favor of the activist Carlos Ernesto Díaz González, known as Ktivo Disidente, who was arrested at the end of April for peacefully protesting in the boulevard of San Rafael, in Havana.

The appeal, which sought for the prisoner to await trial in freedom for the alleged crimes of contempt and disobedience, was denied by the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Cienfuegos, where the protester is detained, reported the independent media Cuban Journalwho had access to the bug.

The source details that the prosecutor Alexis Guada del Castillo accused the defendant of being linked “intentionally and consummated in criminal offenses.”

“Although in their sanctioning framework they do not mathematically allow them to be considered those with extensive correction in terms of punishment, they are relevant in terms of the social harm that materialized and the legal objectivity undermined,” argued the prosecutor.

However, the medium points out, Guada del Castillo does not show how, when or for what purposes the activist committed the crimes imputed to him, which would have occurred in Cienfuegos before his protest in the country’s capital.

Ktivo Disidente was arrested on April 28, when he was demonstrating from a wall on San Rafael Boulevard, in Central Havana, to demand the island’s regime release political prisoners and defend the right of Cubans to participate in the political life of the country.

“That has to stop, it has to stop and we have to stop it, with civility, civil society. There has to be no violence. There has to be no bloodshed, but they have to let us participate in the political life of the country. that he is a communist, but he who is not must be respected,” he said then.

The opponent was heard and filmed by people passing by the place of the protest, the same one that the young man chose in December 2020 Luis Robles Elizastigui to demand freedom.

Robles also demonstrated on the Boulevard de San Rafael, with a sign calling for an end to repression and the freedom of rapper Denis Solís. He was sentenced for that act to five years in prison in an express trial.

Ktivo Disidente was transferred after his arrest to the Cienfuegos prison, from where he recently denounced having been hit.

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