PRI leader confirms alliance with PAN and PRD for 2023 in Coahuila

The national leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, confirmed that they will go in alliance with the PAN and the PRD both in Coahuila and in the State of Mexico by 2023as well as for 2024 in which the Presidency of the Republic will be renewed, highlighting the work of Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís.

“We are working to build together in Coahuila in 2023, in the State of Mexico… say that without a doubt Governor Riquelme is a brave governor, pushed forward, with results, with commitmentand that gives prestige to the Institutional Revolutionary”, declared the national leader during his visit to Gómez Palacio to accompany the candidates of the Va por Durango alliance.

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Asked if he discards his aspirations for the candidacy in the presidential elections of 2024, Moreno Cárdenas responded that he is currently concentrating on the process of this 2022.

“We are focused on 2022 and we are going with everything in 2023; we will always think together, in 2024”.

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