Political Science: more than a week before the elections in the UNCuyo, it is not yet known who won

The difference of votes is negligible and fluctuates giving winners to some and others as only 6 votes questioned by the Meeting are taken into account for being invalid.

This dilemma has not yet been resolved and for this reason, on Tuesday, June 21, the General Board of the University will meet, to determine whether or not to consider those votes. If you take them into account, the Plural Front would remain in the deanship of Political Sciences by just one vote.

Two ballots with two different results in Political Science

The June 9the day the elections were held in the UNCuyo, Meeting by the Public University was given as the winner by 50.05% of the votes, while the Plural Front obtained 49.95%, the difference is 0.1%. This happened around 11:00 p.m., at which time an act approved by all the members of the Electoral Board of the Faculty of Political Sciences was signed.

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However, since the result was so tight, it was decided to re-assess all the votes and what was done was a table-by-table recount.

Second Act Political Science.jpeg

This was the final act issued by the Electoral Board of the Faculty of Political Sciences. On Tuesday 21 the General of the University must ratify or rectify the result

The decision of the Electoral Board of Political Sciences -where Encuentro has fewer members than the Plural Front- f6 invalid votes had to be considered as valid because they had been placed in the wrong envelopes.

With these 6 votes, the Plural Front was the winner with one vote up on College Commitment.

However, the Kirchnerist group signed this new act in dissidence and decided to question this result. So, it’s the General Meeting which must now decide whether to take into account these appealed votes or not. This will happen next Tuesday.

However, according to what they said from Encuentro, if the Electoral Board rules in favor of considering them, the group will appear before the University Council and even further: it will go to the Federal Electoral Justice, so that it can resolve.

The votes of prisoners who study were not taken into account

One of the controversies in Political Science was generated by the vote of 15 inmates who belong to PEUCE -University Education Program in the Context of Confinement-

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What happened is that Encuentro questioned the voting because the process did not comply with the necessary electoral transparency to consider them valid.

This claim was taken into account by the Electoral Board of the faculty, and they were not counted. The ones that were counted were the appealed, which are the ones that the General Meeting has to decide on.

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