Police chase with shooting ends with three detainees: it was from Quilicura to La Cisterna

Three subjects were arrested after a police chase which began in the commune of Quilicuranorth of the capital, and ended in The Cisternin the southern zone.

Around 00:00 police personnel from the 49th Quilicura Police Station were alerted by an alarm activation in the Business City. When the police personnel arrived at the scene, a chase began with gunshots that crossed the communes of Santiago, The Mirror and The Cistern.

Angélica Igor, official patrol captain of the Santiago Norte Police Prefecture, he said: “At night, approximately around 00:00, police personnel from the 49th Quilicura Police Station are alerted about an alarm activation in a company. When checking the sector, one can notice the presence of a truck from which an undetermined number of shots are fired at police personnel, Immediately beginning a monitoring controlled by different communes of Santiago, ending this monitoring in the La Cisterna sector.

Fortunately no people were injured. The individuals, meanwhile, they had no previous police record. For the rest, it was known how to recover firearms, which is being examined by police personnel.

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