Player Luis Danys Morales leaves Cuban team after his arrival in Mexico

The young Cuban player Luis Danys Morales Aguilera left the Cuba team on Tuesday after his arrival in Mexico, where the III U-23 Baseball World Cup will be played.

Morales, 18, arrived with the national team at the Mexico City airport and then continued the bus trip to Ciudad Obregón, in the state of Sonora, the venue for the competition, but separated from the group after arriving at the terminal. air and is currently unaccounted for.

The news of Morales’ escape was initially reported on social networks by journalist Francis Romero and confirmed hours later by an official note from the National Baseball Commission, read on the nightly edition of the National Television Newscast (NTV).

“Cuban prospect Luis Danys Morales (18) leaves the Cuba team at the airport in Mexico’s capital, according to people close to the team. Morales, a native of Sancti Spíritus, is one of the most coveted prospects by MLB organizations, ”Francys Romero reported.

The Cuba team traveled on an 18-hour bus trip to Obregón, The tournament begins on September 23 and will run until October 2, and Cubans will play on the opening day against the Dominican Republic.

Luis Danys, a tall young right-hander, is considered one of the best prospects left in Cuba. According pelotacubanausa.comMonths ago, the pitcher made headlines during the National Youth tournament, giving a total of 18 strikeouts in seven innings and two thirds to the Las Tunas team.

In August 2020, Luis Dannys had been captured in an attempt to illegally leave the country with which he intended to reach the United States. At the time of his capture, the Cuban pitcher was in the company of his parents.

For these events, he was sentenced to three months without participating in official events, but he kept training all the time.

“Luis Danys shoots over 90 miles and was with the Sancti Spíritus team in the last National Series. He joined in the middle of the season because he was sanctioned for the illegal start,” he told CiberCuba a baseball coach from Sancti Spíritus. “With that background I didn’t think they would include him in the national team.”

The coach’s surprise is based on recent statements by the team manager, Eriel Sánchez, also from Spiritus, who commented that some players were left out of the selection under extra-sports criteria such as “lack of patriotism.”

The source said Morales has a promising future and noted that the young pitcher must improve some control problems to reach bigger goals.

In the 2020-21 National Series, Luis Danys pitched 12 games, nine of them as a starter, with a 3-3 record and 6.84 ERA. He struck out 58 and walked 30 in 42.2 innings pitched, according to data obtained by CiberCuba.

His numbers speak of his enormous talent that he possesses and the experts glimpse a successful career in one of the 30 major league franchises.

In 2018, when he was still playing in the U-15 category, he gave a game of zero hits / zero runs, according to a review.

At just 17 years old, he posted 96 miles per hour (MPH), holding steady at 90 MPH throughout the game. Apparently, this type of feat is something common for the right of Tuinucú, a town in the Espirituan municipality of Taguasco.

In the last U-18 championship, the pitcher posted a 7-3 record with a 0.87 ERA and a 0.76 WHIP in 82.2 innings worked. In that interval the opponents hit him for an anemic 161. This is something that was not seen in that province since Maels Rodríguez, his coach David Pérez assured the provincial newspaper Escambray.

It is even more impressive to know that in 82.2 innings worked, the pitcher struck out a total of 135 batters (18 in a game of seven innings), achieving a feat that very few players reach his age.

With 75 kilograms of weight and 1.88 meters of height, Luis Dannys Morales touched the sky of the Cuban youth ball and many are those who predict and want it to go as far as it is proposed in the American professional league.

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