Pío Nono case: Prosecutor’s Office requested eight years in prison for ex-carabinero for frustrated homicide of adolescent

From the prosecutor’s office they asked jail sentance for him excarabiner Sebastian Zamora for frustrated homicide against the adolescent AHAA in the middle of a demonstration near the Pío Nono bridge in October 2020.

Prosecutor Ximena Chong said that: “the official of Carabineros does not perform any action aimed at preventing the fall”, and that “after observing the victim face down and motionless in the waters of the river, along with the rest of the officials of Carabineros leaves the place“.

The situation that occurred on the Pío Nono bridge was described as Zamora will have been directed “diagonally against the adolescent, taking it with his arms and driving it in such a way that rises over the railingand it does fall headlong into the Mapocho riverthat is, from an approximate height of 7.4 meterscollapsing the victim against the bed of the same river.

The young man was assisted by people who were in the place who gave him first aid and called emergencies. The seriousness of the event was so great that even the defendant himself believed that the minor had died: “I killed him, I killed him” he told one of his companions.

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