“Physical risk”. Pick up the packs of milk for the children

The Ministry of Health issued a note warning consumers about two batches of growth milk of Humana 3 which were promptly recalled to be withdrawn from the market.

The reason for the recall

As always, the first report comes directly or from the manufacturing company or from the point of sale which promptly reports the anomaly to the ministry. In this case, it was the supermarkets Bennett And The giant to report two lots, 222801 and 222802 not suitable for consumption because “phase separation may occur in some packages”: specifically, there are two 470 ml bottles expiring on August 16, 2023. The company in question is Humana Italia spa and the headquarters of the plant from where the two packs physically came out is located in Austria.

What does phase separation mean

On the notes reserved for consumers, the Ministry of Health wrote that those who had purchased these two products “belonging to the lots indicated, are requested not to consume the product and to bring them back to the point of sale“. But what exactly is phase separation? It is a process that “occurs due to an error in the preparation phase, for example by not adding an emulsifier to the formula, and makes the product unsuitable for consumption because the infant would end up introducing an incomplete product as the watery part has separated from the fat part”, explained to The lifesaver the professor. Alberto RitieniProfessor of Food Chemistry at the Federico II University of Naples.

What is growing up milk

As written at the beginning of the article, the withdrawn lots are part of growing-up milk, i.e. the type conceived and studied for an age after the first year in the event that the newborn is no longer able to have mother’s milk. It originates from cow’s milk and then approaches, as much as possible, the natural one supplied by the mother in terms of fats and proteins but with a higher quantity of carbohydrates. In addition, this type can also receive integration from other nutrients such as vitamins, iron and mineral salts. According to some experts it is defined as “better” than the maternal one due to the richness of nutrients and can be given up to three years of age to allow for complete development of the child.

As we saw on Giornale.it, just yesterday some dairy products, two cheese brands, were recalled due to a health risk due to the possible presence of plastic inside them.

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