Petro reveals who would be his Minister of Finance – Electoral News – Elections 2022

“I am in that process. Today we have the main economic team that can be configured, even in the recent history of Colombia,” Petro said in an interview with BluRadio.

(Rodolfo Hernández accepted debate with Petro, but with conditions).
(Petro responds to Rodolfo about the debate: ‘We will abide by’)

Gustavo Petro during his speech five days before the presidential election.



He added that from this team will come the Minister of FinanceWell, he insisted, they make up the best economic team due to the “quality of its members and the plurality of schools of thought they represent”.

When asked if they have already discussed it with them, the senator answered yes, although not publicly, and went a little further: revealed that for the Ministry of Defense he is thinking of a woman.

“I am thinking of a minister, with capacity, both in the field of human rights, and in leadership of uniformed men. There is a name, but let’s leave it for the following Monday of this week,” he said.

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Rudolf Hommes and Cesar Gaviria

César Gaviria (left) and Rudolf Hommes (right).



For some time now, he has been in favor of this political option. “I am confident that Gustavo Petro and the Historical Pact do not miss the historical opportunity to consolidate peace and to initiate a long period of prosperity, harmony and social justice. This is how I interpret the promise to put Colombia to “live tasty”, “he wrote on his Twitter account.

Gaviria Uribe is an academic, economist, writer, civil engineer and former presidential candidate for the Hope Center Coalition.

It was deputy director of the National Planning DepartmentMinister of Health and Social Protection of Colombia, director of the Center for Sustainable Development Goals for Latin America and the Caribbean (CODS) and rector of the Universidad de los Andes.

After Fajardo’s defeat, he harshly questioned the candidacy of the candidate for the League of Anticorruption Leaders, Liga. “The risk of an institutional break with Congress and the Constitutional Court is greater with Rodolfo Hernández,” he said.

“Gustavo Petro has made an effort to present a vision of change, Rodolfo has not, it seems questionable to me that he has only appealed to an effective but opportunistic anti-corruption discourse,” he explained when adhering to Petro.

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Jose Antonio Ocampo

José Antonio Ocampo, economist from Cali. He earned his doctorate in economics from Yale University in December 1976.


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“Faced with today’s debates, I reiterate that my candidate is Sergio Fajardo. Vote on Sunday for him. He is the best candidate and we built the best program. He would be the best President of Colombia”, he said when expressing his political inclination in favor of the leader of the Centro Esperanza Coalition.

Gonzalez Borrero He is a philosopher with a master’s degree and a doctorate in economics. He also served as director of the Center for Development Research (IDC).

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“Welcome @agaviriau to the progressive and democratic project of the Historical Pact. With you we will have an informed, transparent and respectful debate of differences, to build a future” were the words with which he received Gaviria in the campaign of the Historical Pact.

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