Petro campaign leaders ask the IACHR for guarantees for the candidate – Electoral News – Elections 2022

The letter was sent to Tania Reneamu Panzsi, Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), who was asked for guarantees for the events that, according to her campaign, “put the life and physical integrity of the presidential candidate at risk.”

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They point out, for example, that at first, government officials “dismissed the public complaint made by the presidential candidate, instead of taking immediate measures to investigate what was revealed and address the risk that these events represented to his life and personal integrity.” .

In the case of Petro, they refer to what happened on May 2, when the candidate announced to the public that he was suspending his scheduled visits to the Coffee Region for security reasons.

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The President of the Republic Iván Duque, despite expressing
constitutional and legal prohibition, has openly intervened in political

The communication also indicates that on April 5, the vice-presidential candidate,
Francia Márquez denounced that she had received three death threats, for which she demanded that she be given “’guarantees for political exercise’”.

In the letter they also point to President Iván Duque and General Eduardo Zapateiro, for allegedly attacking Gustavo Petro and some of his proposals.

“In recent weeks, the President of the Republic Iván Duque, despite expressing
constitutional and legal prohibition, has openly intervened in politics, alluding in public acts to the presidential candidate Gustavo Petro, and to his proposals
campaign, the foregoing, with the evident purpose of generating distrust, even
fear towards him, in certain economic and social sectors, to whom he directs his
statements,” the letter says.

In this way, they ask the IACHR to require the Colombian State “to refrain, through State officials, from making public pronouncements that could increase the level of risk of the candidates Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez.”

Likewise, advance, with “urgent character, the investigation, judgment and sanction
of those materially and intellectually responsible for the threats against Petro and Márquez and provide them with the necessary measures to guarantee the effective exercise of their political rights, especially during the electoral contest taking place in Colombia”.

Lastly, they also requested consideration of granting precautionary measures to
favor of Márquez and that it require the Colombian State to report on the current protection measures in favor of Petro Urrego to determine if it is necessary to strengthen them.

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You can read the full letter here:

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