Perlita: the chicana of a PRO mayor who annoyed Horacio Rodríguez Larreta

The passion for football is something very difficult to explain. It unleashes in a matter of seconds all the states a human being can go through in ninety minutes. From contained euphoria to overflowing joy in a matter of seconds, or vice versa, causing inexplicable fury and even a depressive state that can last for several days. All this can be achieved by a simple ball rolling on the green grass, as the announcers on the radio would say.

Politics is no stranger to these situations, it is an environment where all kinds of Chicanas, accusations and betrayals reign. But the colors of the team of our loves are untouchable. It is a passion that Eduardo Sacheri knew how to capture very well in his book “The question of his eyes”; taken to the cinema by Juan José Campanella in “Secreto de sus ojos” and immortalized in the bar scene, where Guillermo Francella asks a customer: “What is Racing?”, obtaining as an answer: “A passion”. To later explain to Ricardo Darín what that passion for football is: “You realize Benjamín… The guy can change everything: his face, his house, his family, his girlfriend, his religion, God… But there is one something that Benjamin cannot change…he cannot change his passion”.

That is football for a large part of Argentines: a passion that knows no limits. This Thursday in La Plata, two soccer fans met for a tour of the north, more precisely in the town of City Bell: one from Boca and the other from Racing.

Or well Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, a racing fanatic, got out of the vehicle that brought him from the Federal Capital to meet Mayor Julio Garro, a well-known fan of Boca, the exchange of glances and the body language of both foreshadowed that they were not only going to talk about politics. Something else was going to happen.

The ride was normal. Like all the “campaign” walks, they talked, among other things, about the country’s situation, inflation, the lack of work and opportunities for young people, the province of Buenos Aires and the City’s problems with neighbors, merchants and businessmen….until they sat down to have a coffee with advisers, militants and the press. They left several titles on political issues. Larreta on the internal partisan: “All the candidacies will be defined by the PASO. Those who want to participate all to the PASO.” And Garro spoke of unity and adding referents from his political space: “We do Together”, in addition to leaving as a title his intentions to fight for the governorship of Buenos Aires.

As we were saying, something started to itch when they sat down at the bar. The first gesture to rot it was the Head of Government of Buenos Aires. He placed his cell phone upside down next to the Mayor of La Plata, leaving the cover with the Racing Club shield in view of Garro. Provocation that the platense, who does not like to lose even the little ball, was not going to let the visitor pass… Other than the discussion between hawks and doves!

With a gesture, quite like a neighborhood rogue, he called one of his assistants and whispered in his ear: “Go quickly and buy a Boca hat, I’ll wear it for the photo with the bald guy.” The assistant shot out like lightning. After a few minutes of searching without getting what he asked for, he sends a message to his boss: “Julio there are no hats anywhere”; The answer was immediate: “Bring anything from Boca. Hurry up, he’s leaving.”

A few minutes later the advisor arrives with the order. Inside a black bag was the revenge Garro longed for and the chicane he needed to warm up the preview of Saturday’s classic between Boca and Racing for a place in the final of the Professional League Cup.

Rodriguez Larreta He had everything ready to return triumphantly to the Federal Capital, smiling that the soccer provocation had turned out well for him. He did not count on the reaction of the platense. Agile as a cat, has he remembered his past as an archer? Garro receives the bag and takes out the precious trophy, offering it to the guest without him noticing.

Rodríguez Larreta watches as Garro with a quick movement of his hands offers him a small ball with the colors blue and yellow. The surprised porteño takes a long time to react, realizing that the gift was the answer to his “boldness” and laughing says: “What is this!… Noooo! I got out of here!… Don’t give me that ball… look I throw it to the garbage”, making a gesture, provoking the laughter of all those present.

The truth is that the “soccer crossover” between the two heavyweights of the PRO, left aside the conversations about campaign strategies, alliances, internal fights and legislative tactics to confront Kirchnerism. The tension between hawks and doves next to this is child’s play. It is only known that they will come out of the trenches with the referee’s final whistle, with the loser trying to turn off the phone so as not to receive the “charge” from the winner. Sunday will find them united planning the stratagems to win in 2023.

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