Perfect barbecue: the six tips and tricks you have to know to be the "grill king"

Despite the asado represents all Argentines, the truth is that more than one has never prepared one in his life. Every time we go to a family barbecue, or one with friends, those in charge of preparing it are always the same.

There are several who have never dared to take charge of preparing a roast themselves, since it usually gives us the impression that it takes a lot of work, as well as patience.

It not only takes time, but also you have to be aware of some fundamental steps when preparing a roast. There are some “tips” that we can not skip, if we want diners to enjoy a delicious roast. However, which are?

One of the most important tips is not to lose patience.


First, it is essential that the fire we light is abundant, since a good grill can never lack fire to cook its meat. To do this, you will need some paper, wood, and charcoal.

To give a different aroma to food, some prefer to add quebracho wood to their fire. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that the coal is well litOtherwise, the meats won’t be able to cook as they should.

A trick to know if the temperature of the fire is correct is to put your hand above the grill and count to ten. If you burn yourself before ten seconds, it means that the fire is too strong, so the meat could burn.


Checking the quality of the meat is essential for the roast to be a success. For it, it is advisable to buy the most common cuts of meatsuch as the vacuum, the entrails, the roast strip, among others.

Also, for those who are beginners in the subject, it is recommended that they go to a trusted butcher, to be sure that the meat is good.

Another important point is the following: we must remove the meat from the refrigerator several hours before starting with the preparation of our roast, so it has to reach the grill without temperature.

We can add vegetables to our roast.

We can add vegetables to our roast.


It is best to use coarse saltor grill, to ensure that the meat is salty throughout cooking.

Also, it is important to put salt on both sides of the meat, and distribute it well. In this way, we will achieve that the salt impregnates the meat, and thus achieve a unique taste.


It is important distribute the portions of meat throughout our grillso that the different cuts are cooked evenly.

Preparing a roast can take you around 3 hours.

Preparing a roast can take you around 3 hours.

However, it is essential to know that the meat needs a different amount of heat than the anchovies or chorizos.

Do not puncture or cut

This is a very common mistake, especially among beginners. Few people take into account that stabbing or cutting meats can cause them to lose their gamesand ends up drying.

The ideal thing to move or grab the different cuts is a clamp. In this way, we can turn the meat without losing its delicious juices.

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