People think Simpsons predicted the final crisis the UK will face

In the 2013 episode “A Test Before Trying,” Mr. Burns is about to announce rising energy prices.

In the scene, he says, “To decide how high your electric bills will go, I assembled a team of prominent economists and placed plausible percentages of rate hikes on their bikes.

“Bow, we will use unfettered free market principles to come up with a number. »

At this point, as always, Burns unleashes the hounds chasing the economists before finally catching one – which has a 17% pinned to its back.

Burns continues, “There you go folks, rates will go up 17%. »

Credit: Twitter/National Statistics Office

So far so classic The Simpsons, right? Except one fan pointed out that in October last year consumer electricity prices in the UK rose by the same amount.

Yes, by coincidence, or not if you think that The simpsons is sort of predicting our future, a tweet from the Office of National Statistics from February this year explains: “After the energy price cap increased in October 2021, consumer prices for the gas and electricity increased by 17.1% and 8.7% respectively.

“The 12-month inflation rates for gas and electricity are at their highest level since early 2009, with gas at 28.1% and electricity at 18.8%.

The coincidence is the latest in a long line of accurate “predictions” the long-running cartoon has made and fans are more baffled than ever.

Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: 20th Century Fox

In response to the clip, one person wrote, “What’s going on. How is The simpsons was so right! »

Another said: “The simpsons predictions blowing my brain. More than anything else in this life! that’s the only question I have. How do they do? »

While someone else commented, “It’s not even funny anymore. »

Of course, since then things have gotten worse for Britons when it comes to energy prices, which The simpsons didn’t warn us.

The energy cap was lifted in February with bills up 54% and it’s not over yet, last month money-saving expert Martin Lewis warned that “the price cap of energy is expected to increase by 64% in October, bringing a typical bill to €3,244/year; & resuscitate in January.

That kind of makes Mr. Burns pretty reasonable, huh?

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