Penvenan. Éric repairs your two-wheeler at home

Éric Blois restores a 1965 bicycle. ©Hélène Mugnier

Former top athlete for the trampoline, stuntman in cinema and theater for 30 years, acrobatics teacher and very young retiree, Eric Blois, from Penvenan, rediscovered her childhood loves by becoming two-wheeler repairer.

Mechanics is my passion. It comes to me partly from my father who always told me that when you come home with your bike, you have to maintain it and leave it ready for the start. At 10, I was fixing my friends’ bikes that were in carafe, at 12, I was fixing their mobs and at 14, I had switched to 125cc, which allowed me to ride a motorcycle.

Eric Blois

Travel radius of about ten km

Because if Éric has worked with the biggest names in cinema, music or fashion like Jacques Higelin Where Gérard Depardieuhe always knew how to keep his feet on the ground and find bikes scrapped for a broken brake or flat tires at the recycling center, and that made him click:

Nobody repairs bikes anymore, we prefer to buy back when, with a new cable and a little time, for 30 €, grandfather’s bike is back in service.

On a motorcycle or with his yellow vanÉric travels about ten kilometers around Penvénan where he settled in 2006 and repairs all the two-wheelers that are pulled out of garages on his arrival, from bicycles from the 1960s to electric bicycles and the Solex and the “millstones” of a bygone youth.

Sometimes giving life back to brands that no longer exist

Very happy to sometimes give life back to brands that no longer exist, Éric warns: ” I’m not a mechanic by trade, I’m a handyman, they even call me Bricol’tout. When I was little, I despaired my family. When people asked me what I wanted as a Christmas present, I answered “a key of 13 Facom or a key of 10”, he explains.

When I was six years old, I had a carpenter’s set with real little tools, my parents surprised me when I was sawing off the legs of a chair to make it fit my size.

Éric works as much as possible with original parts and appreciates both the profession he has just embarked on and its relational aspects: “With my repairs, I meet lots of nice people. It must be said that having a bicycle repaired and moving around with it is not the same spirit as people who ride speedboats. »

In the process of creating his micro-enterprise, Éric can be paid in employment-service vouchers and travels quickly on demand; to join: [email protected] or tel. 06 61 74 57 04.

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