A Franco official from the Investigative Police was injured this Saturday after falling about six meters while trying to foil an assault on a truck in Santiago.

The accident occurred after he executed a bad maneuver near a level crossing at the intersection of Viel Avenue with Isabel Riquelme where, where the communes of San Miguel, Santiago and Pedro Aguirre Cerda converge.

As detailed by the sub-prefect Ricardo Villegas Pav├ęz, in a curve of that place around 5:15 p.m. unknown individuals robbed a 3/4 moving truck that had its windows down, stealing items such as his cell phone and wallet from the driver.

They then fled and were chased by the victim who managed to recover what was stolen, at which point the PDI official became aware of the situation.

The official identified himself as a police officer, but the criminals did not stop and jumped a level crossing. Giving chase, he slipped and fell about six meters.

After the accident, the robbery victim called for help.

The official was out of vital risk, but was transferred to a care center because he would have a fracture in one of his legs.