Passionate about fashion, Enzo, 19, from Argentan, designs outfits for candidates for Miss Normandy

Enzo Garnier, from Argentan, designs models and created his online store. Nine months later, the Miss Normandy committee selected three. (©Enzo Collection’s)

Enzo Garnier19 years old, resident ofargentanin L’adornsis attracted to fashion ” since childhood “.

“I like Jean-Paul Gaultier, I look at all the designers, a lot of Dior, Louis Vuitton, Cristina Cordula (shopping queens…).

I watched fashion shows with my family, usually with my sisters who are also passionate about fashion. I think I influenced them”.

“In Argentan, we can also create”

But living his passion through the screen is not enough for him. “I’ve always wanted to create something, always wanted to do it with my own hands, to manage on my own.

Watching the Miss France, the parades…, I said to myself why not me.

Why couldn’t an Argentinean become a designer? It is not only in Paris, Lyon, Marseille that we make creations. In Argentan, we can also create”.

He launches his business online

So 9 months ago, the 1er November 2021, he launched his online women’s ready-to-wear and accessories business Enzo Collection’s.

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“I sketch the dresses, the outfits… and I give them to my supplier.

If a person, for example, wants a formal dress, they just have to give me the idea.

I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think it was going to get this big.”

“At first, I said to myself, I’m going to start my little business and I’ll see what happens. While being a student, in BTS assistant business manager, in Flers. And after two or three months, I saw that it worked really well. I decided to continue”.

Enzo Garnier, Enzo Collection’s

He does not yet live. “There are months when I can make a small salary. But for the moment, I prefer to put money aside to launch my collection well, to do fashion shows, to make myself known…”.

Partner of the Miss Normandy Committee

In a hurry to achieve his dream, he applied, at the beginning of June 2022, for a partnership with the Miss Normandy committee.

“In one of their stories, they were looking for partnerships to make creations directly, to offer outfits… I decided to participate. I said to myself at worst, it will lead to nothing.

Out of a hundred applications, about ten of us were selected at first.

In mid-July, he learned that he was one of the five selected.

“I was pleasantly surprised. It makes you want to go further”.

Enzo Garnier

Three of her outfits will be worn by candidates

At this stage, “they offer us to show five outfits and then they select from the five companies. I designed and presented five ceremonial and five cocktail dresses. Three were selected by the committee and will be worn by the candidates.

This is my biggest project so far! he smiles.

He is currently busy preparing everything “to try to return as much as possible around August 20”, before the selection of candidates on August September, then the signing sessions, and a fashion show on Saturday September 10, with the selected outfits.

The election will take place on Friday October 21 in Le Havre, in Seine-Maritime, at the Carré des Docks.

He would like to do a fashion show in Argentan

At the same time, the former bac pro commerce student at Lycée Mezeray (he hasn’t forgotten “my teachers who helped and supported me in my projects”) works at the Abyss store in Argentan, as part of his BTS assistant business manager in SME-SMI, on a work-study basis, which he will start at Aden formation in Alençon, also in Orne.

He also imagines one day organizing a fashion show in Argentan “to publicize my company and my collection”.

“The opportunity to meet creators”

He also sees in the election of Miss Normandy “the opportunity to meet creators. If I manage to get something from the internships, why not a partnership. That would be really fantastic! I’m going to Paris in August to try to make contacts”. Especially to learn sewing. For the moment, “I try with my mom. But I would like to make my own house, made in Normandy.

And, why not, subsequently, create a national or international company. Certainly in Italy. I’ve always loved Italy, it’s the country of fashion, the country of designers, I’ve always loved colors, sequins, rhinestones…”

And concludes, “I aim big, but anything is possible…”

Accessible prices

Enzo doesn’t just dress candidates for Miss Normandy. “I have requests for ceremonies and weddings. Dresses may vary but, in general, I try to make prices reasonable”.
Thus, “wedding dresses range from 150 to 800 €, ceremonial dresses from 49 to 350 €”.


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